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Benefits of Weekend Natural farming-Join for weekend forming group

Benefits of Weekend Natural farming-Join for weekend forming group

Join for weekend forming group  of All over Tamil nadu, To realize Benefits of Weekend Natural farming!

1 – Leave the hustle and bustle of daily life and experience stress-relief and relaxation

2 – Doing such high energy works during weekends helps you to boost your metabolism and stay healthy & fit

3 – Experience the true meaning of hunger.

4 – Enjoy a deep sleep after a day’s work and recover from all health related problems.

5 – Our food is grown by us…doesn’t that sound rejuvenating.

6 – Inspire your children about organic farming. It leads to a big revolution among them.

7 – Less energy consumption and water consumption than chemical farming and also does not contribute to groundwater pollution rather groundwater level gets increasing

8 – When we do nature farming soil quality improves, leading to a healthy biological activity around our environment, thereby creating a healthy environment

9 – These initiatives might motivate chemical farmers to switch over to organic farming.

10 – We tend to create a revolution in the society to move our next generation towards leading an independent and healthy life.

Welcoe to Enjoy Benefits of Weekend Natural farming

We welcome interested people from all over Tamil Nadu. 

Only are Two conditions Apply for everyone

1- Everyone in that group must come and work once in a week.

2- Everyone should share amount what we need for farming.


To join in this group. Click the link below and submit your form.

Join for weekend forming group   



– களம்

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